Roman K Salon Bridal Services

Look and feel is exactly what you dreamed about.

Wedding Services

Roman K Salon provides a full service bridal experience. Our experts can accommodate any size bridal party.  Starting with a consultation, our talented staff will tailor your ideal bridal look. Trials for hair and makeup are encouraged so we can design the look prior to your big day.  Bring your inspirational photos, if you have, so we can define the cut, color and style that’s appropriate.  

On your wedding day, Roman’s hands on team of expert stylists will do both hair and make-up for you and your bridesmaids so the look and feel is exactly what you dreamed about.  

Call to set up a consultation appointment and lock in your date. Roman and his team will set aside the salon or travel to your venue.



Wedding Services

Makeup trial: $150+

Makeup day of: $200+

Hair Trial: $150+

Hair day of: $200+